aviation ground crew & pilots.
World War I
Generic pilots, seated PJ Productions 721111
Fighter pilots, 1914-1917 Airwar 7213
Fighter pilots, 1917-1918 Airwar 7217
Richtofen Flying Circus Czech Master 7244
Fighter pilots, 1914-1916 Airwar 7214
Fighter pilots, 1917-1918 Airwar 7218
Between the Wars
Civilian flight crew & passengers, 1925 Preiser 72510
Spanish Civil War Airwar 7203
World War II
Pilots seated, generic PJ Productions 721105
Pilots & mechanic Czech Master 7246
Ground crew Preiser 72410, 72508, 72509, 72516
Personnel Heller 79655
Pilots Hasegawa 7208, Preiser 72508, 72516
Pilots & mechanic Czech Master 7237
Pilots sitting PJ Productions 721110
Bomber pilots Czech Master 7238, Preiser 72509
Bomber pilots, 1939-1941 Airwar 7215
Fighter pilots Preiser 72509
Fighter pilots, 1939-1941 Airwar 7206
Fighter pilots, Europe Airwar 7224
Fighter pilots, Mediterranean Airwar 7220
Fighter pilots, Russian Front, 1941-1945 Airwar 7211
Night fighter pilots Airwar 7209
Ground attack pilots Airwar 7204
Fw190 pilot, seated Airwaves 72059
Pilots & mechanic Czech Master 7245
Pilots Hasegawa 7208
Army pilots & mechanic Czech Master 7242
Carrier Air Groups Airwar 7221
Navy pilots & mechanic Czech Master 7243
Ki-21 bomb handling crew Czech Master 7277
Pilots & mechanic Czech Master 7247
RAF personnel Airfix 01747 (1/76), Fine Scale Factory WZ 40, Heller 9647 (Airfix tooling)
RAF pilots Czech Master 7279, Hasegawa 7208
RAF pilot & mechanics Czech Master 7241
RAF bomber pilots, 1939-1942 Airwar 7205
RAF bomber pilots, 1942-1945 Airwar 7219
RAF fighter pilots, Europe, 1939-1942 Airwar 7201
RAF fighter pilots, Europe, 1942-1945 Airwar 7210
RAF pilots, SEAC, 1941-1945 Airwar 7223
RN pilots & mechanic Czech Master 7248
WAAF personel Czech Master 7252
USAAF personnel Heller 79648
USAAF ground crew Preiser 72502
USAAF pilots Hasegawa 7208, Preiser 72502
USAAF pilots & mechanic Czech Master 7239
USAAF heavy bomber pilots, 1939-1942 Airwar 7202
USAAF medium bomber pilots, 1942 Airwar 7207
USAAF bomber pilots, Pacific Airwar 7222
USAAF fighter pilots, 1942-1945 Airwar 7208
USAAF fighter pilots, MTO1942-1945 Airwar 7212
USN Carrier Groups, Pacific, 1941 Airwar 7216
USN pilot & mechanics Czech Master 7240
Post War
Civilian airport personnel Preiser 72411, 72412
NATO pilots & ground crew Esci 243, Preiser 72520
Pilots, seated PJ Productions 721112
Bundeswehr pilots & ground crew Preiser 72409
Luftwaffe pilots & ground crew Preiser 72520
Luftwaffe personnel, summer uniform Preiser 72407
Air Force personnel Atlantic 102
Pilots Atlantic 103
Eastern Europe
Warsaw Pact mechanics Czech Master 7250
Warsaw Pact pilots,1950's-60's Czech Master 7251
Soviet personnel, summer uniform Preiser 72408
Pilots standing PJ Productions 721104
Pilots seated PJ Productions 721106
Fast jet ground attack pilots Airwar 7225
Harrier pilots Airwaves 7201, 7202
Helicopter pilots, 1960's-80's Airwar 7226
RAF ground crew PP Aeroparts FIG702
RN ground crew Airwaves 7201, 7202
Helicopter crew, Vietnam era Czech Master 7276, 7280
Pilots, Vietnam era Airwaves 7203
Pilots standing, 1960's-70's PJ Productions 721104
Pilots seated, 1960's-70's PJ Productions 721106
Pilots seated (for F-4, F-104) PJ Productions 721109
USAF pilots & ground crew Hasegawa X72-7
USN carrier deck crew PP Aeroparts FIG703
USN carrier deck crew & pilots Fujimi 35001, 35002

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