gliders & sailplanes.
Kuepper KU.4 Dujin G7222
  Czech Republic
Blanik L-13 Czechmaster G5019
JK 1 Perun AB Models 72032
Mraz Jestrab I Kora 7236
Mraz VT-52 Jerab Kora 7235
Zlin Z-23 Honza HR Models 7269
Aile Volante AV36 Fauvel Mono Dujin G72003
Breguet Br.901.S Mouette Dujin G72010
Breguet Br.904 Nymphale Dujin G72011
Castel C.25.S Dujin G72005
Castel Mauboussin CM.8 Dujin G72008
Castel Mauboussin CM.R8/3 Midj 1 Dujin G72054
Castel Mauboussin CM.8/13 Dujin G72006
Castel Mauboussin CM.8R/13 Dujin G72007
Caudron C.800 Dujin G72009
Fournier RF.4  Dujin C7227
Fournier RF.5D  Dujin C7228
Wassmer Wa 20 Javelot I Dujin G72001
Wassmer Wa 21 Javelot II Dujin G72002
Wassmer Wa 30 Bijave Dujin G72004
Gurico Maeda Ku-1-I A&V RK096
Amber PZW 302
Bocian  PZW 303
Gil  PZW 305
Jantar PZW 30?
Mucha PZW 301
Sep PZW 306
Swift S 1 Akrobat Dujin G72027
SZD-24 Foka 4 Dujin G72025
Zefir 2A PZW 304
Antonov An-7  AER Moldova 72026, Czechmaster CMR1103, Eastern Express 72026
G-11 Eastern Express 72025
PT SF Valk  Kora 7267
Sukhanov Discoplan  Mando 7203
AB Flygindustri Fi-3 Broplan MS-46
Pilatus B.4 Dujin G72035
Airspeed AS.51 Horsa Mk I/II  Italeri 116
Colditz Cock  JK 7204, Kora 7248
Hotspur Mk II Eastern Express 72251 , Frog F152, Novo F152
Baynes Bat Jach 72101
Slingsby Type 7 Kirby Cadet TX Mk I Blue Rider, Czechmaster G5021, G7221, Phoenix BRP20, P001
Slingsby Type 6 Kirby Kite I Kora 7243, Phoenix
Slingsby Type 8 Kirby Tutor Cadet TX Mk II Phoenix P003
Slingsby Type 19 Phoenix BRP16
Slingsby Type 21 Sedbergh TX Mk I Dujin 72030, Phoenix P004, Vacu Scale
Slingsby Type 31B Tandem Tutor Cadet TX Mk III Phoenix P002
Slingsby Type 38 Grasshopper TX Mk I Phoenix BRP005, P007
Cornelius XFG-1  Airmodel AM-053
Schweizer SGS 2-6  Czechmaster G7222
Waco CG-4A Hadrian  Italeri 1118, Revell H-2012 , Testors 863 

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