Northrop F-89A/B/D/H/J Scorpion.
F-89A Hobbycraft HC1370
F-89B Hobbycraft HC1328, HC1370
F-89D Hobbycraft HC1374
F-89C Hobbycraft HC1328, HC1373
F-89H Hobbycraft HC1329, HC1376
F-89J Academy 1628, Hobbycraft HC1377
Etched Detail Parts
F-89 Airwaves C72063
F-89D  Eduard 72228
F-89J  Eduard 72228
Paint Masks
F-89J canopy & wheel hubs Eduard XS135
F-89D 11142 66 FIS Alaska Superscale 72640
F-89H 4033 76 FIS Pinecastle Superscale 72640
F-89J FV-453 54 FIS Elsworth, FV-474 58 FIS Walker, FV-492 321 FIS Paine Skylancer CW7203
F-89J 4187 84 FIS, 22137 456 FIS Superscale 72640

Last updated 21/05/03.
1/72 Scorpion 1/72 F-89 Scorpion 1/72 Northrop Scorpion 1/72 Northrop F-89 Scorpion 1/72 F-89A Scorpion 1/72 F-89B Scorpion 1/72 F-89D Scorpion 1/72 F-89H Scorpion 1/72 F-89J Scorpion
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