Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19P/PM/S 'Farmer', Shenyang F-6/J-6, FT-6/JJ-6.
F-6 KP 3106
J-6 Bilek 956
MiG-19 Eastern Express 012, KP 04, Plastyk 110
MiG-19P Bilek 957
MiG-19PM Bilek 958
MiG-19S Bilek 956
Conversion Parts
FT-6 RVHP 7121
JJ-6 RVHP 7120
Cast Detail Parts
KK-2 ejection seat Neomega E2/72, Pavla S72002
MiG-19 exterior upgrade set Pavla U4806
MiG-19 wheel hubs & rubber tyres Equipage EQSU 72102
MiG-19S cockpit Pavla C I72016
Etched Detail Parts
MiG-19P details  Extratech 72127
MiG-19PM details  Extratech 72130
MiG-19S  Extratech 72050
MiG-19S details  Extratech 72129
Vacform Canopies
MiG-19 Aeroclub C014, Pavla C7201
MiG-19 3-35 Kanga 72-016
F-6 4-35 AUS Berat-Kucova post-Soviet era insignia Blue Rider BR219
J-6 50542 camou scheme, 9512 natural metal scheme w/- nose titling Kanga 72-016
J-6 0138 Superscale 72102
MiG-19 728 Hi Decal 72-040
  Czech Republic
MiG-19 113 Hi Decal 72-040
MiG-19 335 1 Sqn 3 FW GDR Hi Decal 72-040
F-6 no details available Aeroplast 7218
F-6 1606 23 Sqn w/- shark mouth, 1911 25 Sqn Kanga 72-016
F-6 423 Superscale 72102
F-6 national insignia & sqn badges Scale Aircraft Modelling 72-003
F-6 1015 19 Wing Propagteam 72-016/04
MiG-19 113 28 FR Hi Decal 72-040
MiG-19 741 66 FR Hi Decal 72-040
MiG-19 04 16 AA East Germany Hi Decal 72-040
MiG-19 42, 64 Kanga 72-016
MiG-19 3571 w/- red insignia Kanga 72-016
MiG-19 1128 w/- green insignia Superscale 72102
Kit Review
There is a review of the Bilek 956 kit in Scale Aviation Modeler International, Nov 2002, page 1011.

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