Lockheed L-749 Constellation 'Connie', L-1049 Super Constellation 'Super Connie', L-1049G 'Super G', L-1649 Starliner, C-69, C-121, EC-121 Warning Star.
C-121A Heller 80382
EC-121K Heller 80311
L-749 Heller 80310, 80381
L-1049G Heller 80314
L-1649  Flugzeugmodelle
Conversion Parts
EC-121L  RVHP 7261
NC-121K RVHP 7109
PO-1W RVHP 7108
Cast Detail Parts
CW R-3350 18cyl engine for L-049, L-649, L-749  Engines & Things 72004
CW R-3350 turbo compound engine for L-1049 Engines & Things 72069, 72096
Curtiss Electric propellers for KLM L-749  Aeroclub P103
Hamilton Standard propellers for L-1049  Aeroclub P094
Undercarriage legs Aeroclub V138
Etched Detail Parts
L-1049G  Extra Tech 72146
Walkways, windows, de-icing boots, prop logos for L-049/L-749/L-1049 Cloudmaster 72/10
L-1049H PP-YSC Real Aeroways FCM 7202C
L-1049 Nordair no details available Whiskey Jack 72-004
L-1049 TCA no details available Whiskey Jack 72-002
L-1049 WWA no details available Whiskey Jack 72-025
L-1049H CanAir Relief no details available Whiskey Jack 72-008
L-1049 AMSA: HI-515, HI-542CT DRAW 72-1049-1
L-1649 Luxair FDcal*
Registration letters, black and orange, for KLM & KNILM Cloudmaster 72/17
L-1049 KLM: PH-LKG 'Griffieon', PH-LKC 'Negaton' Cloudmaster 72/13
L-749 KLM: PH-LDD, PH-TFE Cloudmaster 72/8
  South Africa
L-749A ZS-DBR South African Airways Cloudmaster 72/14
  Sri Lanka
L-749 PH-LDP Air Ceylon Cloudmaster 72/5
L-749 G-ANVD BOAC 'Beverley' Cloudmaster 72/9
L-749C BOAC: G-ALAM 'Belfast', G-AHEK 'Berwick' Cloudmaster 72/16
C-69 1st C-69, no details available Superscale 72383
C-121 MATS Atlantic Div no details available Superscale 72383
C-121A 48-0609/8809/N494TW MATS restored a/c Astra 7206
C-121J 131624/JD/6 VXE-6 Antartic scheme Max 7211
C-121J Blue Angles demo team Superscale 72404
EC-121N 135753/TF/2 VW-2 natural metal scheme Superscale 72422
EC-121K 145924 VXN-8 'El Coyote' Outpost Seascan, 141325 VXN-8 'Arctic Fox' Proj Birdseye Superscale 72405
EC-121K 143221/4B/502 VT-86 Superscale 72423
EC-121P 145939/GD/10 VAQ-33 Superscale 72423
EC-121R 137895/MH/3 VW-4 Hurricane Hunter Superscale 72423
L-749 N88861 Pan American 'Clipper Winged Arrow' Superscale 72382
L-749 Flying Tiger FDcal*
L-1049 Flying Tiger FDcal*
L-1049H Seaboard Western FDcal*
L-1049H Flying Tiger Line: N6912C, N6919C, N6922C, N9624C FDcal 72036
L-1049H Seaboard World Airlines Seaboard & Western: N6501C, N6502C N1008C FDcal 72037
NC-121J 131655/JB VXN-8 Relay Station Superscale 72422
NC-121K 145925/JB VXN-8 'Paisano Dos' Proj Magnet Superscale 72405
VC-121A 48-0613 1254 ATW 'Bataan' Gen MacArthur's a/c Superscale 72383
*available on special commission only

Last updated 18/07/04.
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