Grumman F8F-1/1B/2 Bearcat & derivatives.
'American Jet'  High Planes R7217
'Conquest I'  High Planes R7215
F8F-1 Sword 7206, 72021 , 72022 
F8F-1B Sword 7206, 72021 , 72022 
F8F-2 Monogram 5013, Sword 7206, 72021 , 72022 
'Rare Bear' 1985 season  High Planes R7222
'Rare Bear' 1999 season  High Planes R7214
'Smirnoff'  High Planes R7213
Cast Detail Parts
Detail set Cobra 72006 , Hi Tech 72008 
P&W R-2000-34 engine Pavla E7217
P&W R-2800 engine Cooper 7208, Hi Tech 72501, Teknics 72012
P&W R-2800 late V engine Aires E7209
Wheel hubs & rubber tyres Equipage EQSU72214
Etched Detail Parts
F8F Airwaves C72055
Vacform Canopies
F8F Falcon 01, Pavla V72-07, Squadron 9117 
F8F-1B Indochina: P GC II/21 Auvergne, G GC 1/21 Artois Carpena 72.04
F8F-1B GC 1/9 Limousin CAT-BI: 5015/E, 5472/T; 145/F GC II/8 Languedoc CAT-BI, 836/A GCI/21 Atois Bach-Mai, 5015/H EROM 80 Bach-Mai Model Art 72/033
F8F-1B 5167/F GC 1/22 Saintonge Indochina Superscale 72643, Sword 72006, 72022
F8F-1B Indochina: all squadrons no details available Berna 72014
F8F 2300 23 Sqn Khokratiem, 4331 43 Sqn Talee, 211 12 Sqn Donmeaumg Siamscale 72012
F8F-1 2315 2 FBW Nakorn-Sawan Sword 72022
F8F Blue Angels demo team Superscale 72158, 72217
F8F CAW-19 Superscale 72218
F8F Blue Angels 'Beetle Bomb' yellow scheme Superscale 72642
F8F 121553/553 VMFT-10 'Quantico', 121695/402 VF-194, 121664/103 VF-83 Superscale 72643
F8F-1 3F/4 VF-3 Sword 72006
F8F-2 K/105 VF-3 Superscale 72301
F8F-2 A/105 VF-151 USS Boxer Sword 72006
F8F-2D  68 Superscale 72642
Kit Review
Sword 72006
For years the Monogram kit was the only offerering until this kit came along. This tooling is mixed media, featuring mid grey injection moulded polystyrene and resin. This tooling is a substantial improvement over the Monogram kit in that there is a far greater level of internal detail. The kit features optional parts to make either an F8F-1, F8F-1B, or F8F-2. This is in the form of 2 different fuselages featuring vertical fins with different heights. The canopy is injection moulded, but is not as clear as it should be, and is best replaced with an aftermarket vacform one. The resin parts are well cast and consist of the following: main wheel well, main wheels, rockets, cockpit, and engine face. The kit captures the shape of the real thing reasonably well except for the following areas: the F8F-1 fuselage does not have a ventral strake at the rear of the fuselage; the curve of the fin tip is a little too circular and needs to be more streamlined; the fuselage cross section where it meets the fin fillet is poorly rendered; the trim tab on the tail fin should have a wider chord and not be in line with trailing edge of the fin.

Sword 72022
This is not a completely new tooling, but rather a revision of 72006. It appears to be more of an attempt to reduce production costs than to improve on the previous product. The plastic parts are more polished on the outer surface, and there has been some minor modifications: the brackets on upper part of the drop tank have been revised; the control sufaces now have stretched fabric relief; and the machine gun blisters on the wing have been removed and are now separate parts, as is the front bevel of the engine cowling. Access panels for the ammunition now have fastener detail, the internal cockpit wall now has ribbing, and the navigation lights on the wings are better resolved. Detail on the oleos is slightly more crude, but the tailwheel has been completely revised and is an improvement on the original. The main undercarriage doors have also been revised. The only resin part now is the engine, which has been completely transformed with two banks of cylinders and far finer detail. All other parts that were previously resin are now plastic, and they suffer as a result. They are cruder with thicker walls. The main wheel well has less detail and is more crudely rendered than the previous tooling, and part of the original resin component is now moulded integrally with the wing, with a corresponding loss of finesse. The decals are not as well printed as the original offering. The instructions have been revised and are now more comprehensive.

The best compromise would be the original tooling (72006) combined with the resin engine of the new tooling (72022).

Selected References
Aircraft No 99, F8F Bearcat in Action, by Charles L. Scrivener, Squadron Signal 1990, ISBN 0-98747-243-8
Grumman F8F Bearcat, by Edward T Malony, Aero Publishers No 20, 1969, LC 75-96071
Grumman F8F Bearcat Super Profile, by Christopher Chant, Haynes 1985, ISBN 0-85429-447-3
Grumman F8F Bearcat, detail artwork by Michele Marsan, Scale Aviation Modeller International Jan 2001 pp44-46
RaceplaneTech Vol 2, Round-Engine Racers: Bearcats & Corsairs, by Nicholas A. Veronico & Kevin A. Grantham, Voyageur Press 2002, ISBN 1-58007-035-3
Wikipedia entry.

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