Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress & derivatives.
B-17B Academy 2106
B-17C Academy 2150
B-17D Academy 2150
B-17E RAF Coastal Command Academy 2141
B-17F Hasegawa K11X
B-17F 'Fort Alamo' Academy 2142
B-17F 'Memphis Belle' Academy 2188
B-17F 'My Devotion' Hasegawa K109
B-17F w/- nose art Hasegawa 00077, SP18
B-17G 'Super Rabbit' Hasegawa K106
B-17G Hasegawa K10X, 00353, Airfix 08005 
B-17G w/- nose art Academy 2143, Hasegawa SP117
B-17G 381st BG w/- nose art Hasegawa 00068
SB-17 w/- fuselage mounted lifeboat Academy 2165
Conversion Parts
B-17 AN/APS-20 radome Ron's Resins 4272
B-17 BTO 'Mickey' radome Paragon Designs 72006
B-17G RAF100 Grp Paragon 72042
B-17H/SB-17G lifeboat Paragon Designs 72044
Saab B-17  Magna Models 7273
PB-1W  Paragon 7204
YB-40 Gunship  Paragon 7205
Cast Detail Parts
B-17E thru G main wheels w/- circumferential tread True Details 72044
B-17F/G armament set  Czechmaster CMK7074
B-17F/G Curtiss Wright R-1820 G-200 engine Engines & Things 72099
B-17F/G engine set  Czechmaster CMK7075
B-17F/G interior set  Czechmaster CMK7076
Flaps Paragon Designs 72043
Hamilton Standard Hydro propellers  Aeroclub P089
Instrument panels BMW 0872
R-1820 engine Engines & Things 72074
R-1820/M-25 engine Neomega 72001
Wheels w/- flattened bottoms True Details 72020
Wheel hubs w/- rubber tyres Equipage 72201
Etched Detail Parts
B-17E/F interior  Eduard 72172
B-17E/F/G bomb bay  Eduard 72170
B-17F/G flaps, etc Airwaves 72159
Flaps  Eduard 72173
Undercarriage  Eduard 72171
Vacform Canopies
B-17C/D nose cone, cockpit canopy, waist windows, radio room cover  Squadron 9139
B-17E/F  Squadron 9175
B-17/E/F/G Falcon 27
B-17F nose cone, cheek gun mounts, mid upper & tail turrets  Squadron 9140
B-17F/G cockpit canopy, radio room window, ball turret  Squadron 9137
B-17G  Squadron 9176
B-17G nose cone, astrodome, mid upper & tail turrets, waist windows  Squadron 9138
Paint Masks
B-17B canopy & wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72082
B-17C canopy & wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72051
B-17E canopy & wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72081
B-17E thru G wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72004
B-17E/F/G wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72005
B-17F canopy & wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72047
B-17F/G canopy & wheel hubs Eduard XS063
B-17G canopy & wheel hubs  Black Magic CEBM72054
SB-17G 5402, 5406, SAR FCM 7211
B-17E/F/G 42-30177 Bir Hakeim Carpena 72058
B-17G KG200, captured Ventura 7263
B-17G Mickey Mouse nose art HQD 72003
B-17E/F/G PK197 AD-E 251 Sqn Carpena 72058
Fortress Mk1 90 Sqn: AN526 WP-G, AN521 WP-K, AN537 NR-L 220 Sqn Xtradecal X02172
B-17 91 BG, 305 BG Repliscale 1029
B-17E/F/G 41-9100 FR-U 525 BS (Formation aircraft Birmingham Blitzkreig),41-24485 DF-A 'Memphis Belle', 42-102894 H/W 832 BS Carpena 72058
B-17E/F 322 BS, 324 BS, 359 BS, 427 BS, 91 BG, 97 BG, 303 BG,includes nose art for: 'Memphis Belle', 'Witches Tit', 'Peggy D', 'Vicious Virgin', 'Knock-Out Dropper', 'Eight Ball' Superscale 72023
B-17F 23612 AW M 337 BS 96 BG 8th AF Mini Print 72533
B-17F LG-P 322 BS 91 BG 'Miami Clipper', TU-J 510 BS 'My Devotion, MZ-U 413 BS 'Ole Puss' Superscale 72547
B-17F LG-T 322 BS 91 BG 'Thunderbird' Superscale 72281
B-17F 42-29509 483 BG, 94 BG: 42-29727, 42-30301; 42-29524 303 BG Sky Models 72007
B-17F/G 360 BS 303 BG: 'Yardbird II', 'Thumper', 601 BS 398 BG 'Shady Lady', 7 BS 34 BG 'False Courage' Superscale 72713
B-17G 91 BG: 42-31909 OR-R 323 BS 'Nine O Nine', 42-97880 DF-F 324 BS 'Little Miss Mischief'; 43-37756 447 BG 'Milk Wagon', 42-31053 BX-W 338 BS 96 BG 'Stingy', 42-297954 'Winnie Frank Joe', 42-102598 351 BS 100 BG, includes nose art for: 'Super Rabbit', 'Meat Hound', 'Bad Penny' Sky Models 72007
B-17G 42-31678 401 BS 91 BG 8 AF 'Little Patches', 42-39975 324 BS 'Just Plain Lonesome', 42-37779 324 BS 91 BG 'Pist'l Packin Mama' AeroMaster 72174
B-17G OR-C 'Priority Gal', LG-Y 'Hikin For Home', 'Time's a Wastin' Superscale 72182
B-17G 815 BS 483 BG: 232029 'Miss Treated', 232044 'Good Deal' Superscale 72680
B-17G 298008 2S-G 834 BS 486 BG 'American Beauty', 48158 850 BS 490 BG 'Bobby Sox' Superscale 72746
B-17G 337907 851 BS 490 BG 'Carolina Moon', XR-N 349 BS 100 BG 'Shilaylee' Superscale 72747
B-17G 48696 851 BS 490 BG 'Looky Looky', 23185 OR-B 323 BS 91 BG 'Mount N' Ride' Superscale 72748
B-17G 33872 851 BS 490 BG '5 With Breakfast', 232076 LL-E 401 BS 91 BG 'Shoo Shoo Baby' Superscale 72749
YB-17 49 Sqn Superscale 72182
Selected References
Lock On 24: B-17G, Willy Peeters, Verlinden 1994
Walkaround 16: B-17 Flying Fortress, Lou Drendel, Squadron Signal 1998

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